pub unsafe extern "C" fn psa_mac_sign_setup(
    operation: *mut psa_mac_operation_s,
    key: u32,
    alg: u32
) -> i32
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Set up a multipart MAC calculation operation.

This function sets up the calculation of the MAC (message authentication code) of a byte string. To verify the MAC of a message against an expected value, use psa_mac_verify_setup() instead.

The sequence of operations to calculate a MAC is as follows: -# Allocate an operation object which will be passed to all the functions listed here. -# Initialize the operation object with one of the methods described in the documentation for #psa_mac_operation_t, e.g. #PSA_MAC_OPERATION_INIT. -# Call psa_mac_sign_setup() to specify the algorithm and key. -# Call psa_mac_update() zero, one or more times, passing a fragment of the message each time. The MAC that is calculated is the MAC of the concatenation of these messages in order. -# At the end of the message, call psa_mac_sign_finish() to finish calculating the MAC value and retrieve it.

If an error occurs at any step after a call to psa_mac_sign_setup(), the operation will need to be reset by a call to psa_mac_abort(). The application may call psa_mac_abort() at any time after the operation has been initialized.

After a successful call to psa_mac_sign_setup(), the application must eventually terminate the operation through one of the following methods:

  • A successful call to psa_mac_sign_finish().
  • A call to psa_mac_abort().

\param[in,out] operation The operation object to set up. It must have been initialized as per the documentation for #psa_mac_operation_t and not yet in use. \param key Identifier of the key to use for the operation. It must remain valid until the operation terminates. It must allow the usage PSA_KEY_USAGE_SIGN_MESSAGE. \param alg The MAC algorithm to compute (\c PSA_ALG_XXX value such that #PSA_ALG_IS_MAC(\p alg) is true).

\retval #PSA_SUCCESS Success. \retval #PSA_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE \emptydescription \retval #PSA_ERROR_NOT_PERMITTED \emptydescription \retval #PSA_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT \p key is not compatible with \p alg. \retval #PSA_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED \p alg is not supported or is not a MAC algorithm. \retval #PSA_ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY \emptydescription \retval #PSA_ERROR_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE \emptydescription \retval #PSA_ERROR_HARDWARE_FAILURE \emptydescription \retval #PSA_ERROR_CORRUPTION_DETECTED \emptydescription \retval #PSA_ERROR_STORAGE_FAILURE The key could not be retrieved from storage. \retval #PSA_ERROR_BAD_STATE The operation state is not valid (it must be inactive), or the library has not been previously initialized by psa_crypto_init(). It is implementation-dependent whether a failure to initialize results in this error code.