pub unsafe extern "C" fn mbedtls_asn1_get_int(
    p: *mut *mut u8,
    end: *const u8,
    val: *mut i32
) -> i32
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\brief Retrieve an integer ASN.1 tag and its value. Updates the pointer to immediately behind the full tag.

\param p On entry, \c *p points to the start of the ASN.1 element. On successful completion, \c *p points to the first byte beyond the ASN.1 element. On error, the value of \c *p is undefined. \param end End of data. \param val On success, the parsed value.

\return 0 if successful. \return An ASN.1 error code if the input does not start with a valid ASN.1 INTEGER. \return #MBEDTLS_ERR_ASN1_INVALID_LENGTH if the parsed value does not fit in an \c int.