pub unsafe extern "C" fn ledc_set_fade_step_and_start(
    speed_mode: u32,
    channel: u32,
    target_duty: u32,
    scale: u32,
    cycle_num: u32,
    fade_mode: u32
) -> i32
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@brief A thread-safe API to set and start LEDC fade function. @note Call ledc_fade_func_install() once before calling this function. @note For ESP32, hardware does not support any duty change while a fade operation is running in progress on that channel. Other duty operations will have to wait until the fade operation has finished. @param speed_mode Select the LEDC channel group with specified speed mode. Note that not all targets support high speed mode. @param channel LEDC channel index (0 - LEDC_CHANNEL_MAX-1), select from ledc_channel_t @param target_duty Target duty of fading [0, (2**duty_resolution) - 1] @param scale Controls the increase or decrease step scale. @param cycle_num increase or decrease the duty every cycle_num cycles @param fade_mode choose blocking or non-blocking mode @return - ESP_ERR_INVALID_ARG Parameter error - ESP_OK Success - ESP_ERR_INVALID_STATE Fade function not installed. - ESP_FAIL Fade function init error