Rust on ESP Community

This organization is home to a number of community projects enabling the use of the Rust programming language on various SoCs and modules produced by Espressif Systems.

If you are just getting started with writing Rust for ESP devices, please first read The Rust on ESP book.

For a curated list of resouces for development including tools and projects, see Awesome ESP Rust.

Build Tools

This organization contains a fork of the Rust compiler with added support for the Xtensa ISA. Pre-built binaries for said compiler fork are additionally provided for most common operating systems and architectures.

Repository Description
esp-rs/rust Rust compiler fork with Xtensa support
esp-rs/rust-build Pre-built binaries of the Rust compiler fork, plus installation scripts

Hardware Abstraction Layer

We offer two choices for Hardware Abstraction Layers:

Repository Description
esp-rs/esp-idf-hal With support for the Rust standard library (std)
esp-rs/esp-hal Without support for the Rust standard library (no_std)

Peripheral Access Crates

The repository esp-pacs contains Peripheral Access Crates for Espressif SoCs and modules.