pub unsafe extern "C" fn psa_get_key_domain_parameters(
    attributes: *const psa_key_attributes_s,
    data: *mut u8,
    data_size: usize,
    data_length: *mut usize
) -> i32
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\brief Get domain parameters for a key.

Get the domain parameters for a key with this function, if any. The format of the domain parameters written to \p data is specified in the documentation for psa_set_key_domain_parameters().

\note This is an experimental extension to the interface. It may change in future versions of the library.

\param[in] attributes The key attribute structure to query. \param[out] data On success, the key domain parameters. \param data_size Size of the \p data buffer in bytes. The buffer is guaranteed to be large enough if its size in bytes is at least the value given by PSA_KEY_DOMAIN_PARAMETERS_SIZE(). \param[out] data_length On success, the number of bytes that make up the key domain parameters data.

\retval #PSA_SUCCESS \emptydescription \retval #PSA_ERROR_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL \emptydescription