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This crate contains wrappers which are mostly implementations of the abstractions defined in the embedded-svc project. It has features such as wifi, networking, httpd, logging.


This crate specifies a few cargo features, including:

  • std: Enable the use of std. Enabled by default.
  • experimental: Enable the use of experimental features.
  • embassy-time-driver: Implement an embassy time driver.


  • Event loop library
  • Wrapper around ESP-IDF raw handles
  • HTTP server and client
  • Logging
  • MQTT protocol
  • Network abstraction
  • Non-Volatile Storage (NVS)
  • Over The Air Updates (OTA)
  • Send ICMP echo requests (Ping)
  • SNTP Time Synchronization
  • System time
  • High resolution hardware timer based task scheduling
  • Type safe abstraction for esp-tls
  • WiFi support
  • WebSocket protocol