Generating Projects from Templates

We currently maintain two template repositories:

Both templates are based on cargo-generate, a tool that allows you to create a new project based on some existing template. In our case, esp-idf-template or esp-template can be used to generate an application with all the required configurations and dependencies.

  1. Install cargo generate:

    cargo install cargo-generate
  2. Generate a project based on one of the templates:

    When the cargo generate subcommand is invoked, you will be prompted to answer several questions regarding the target of your application. Upon completion of this process, you will have a buildable project with all the correct configurations.

  3. Build/Run the generated project:

    • Use cargo build to compile the project using the appropriate toolchain and target.
    • Use cargo run to compile the project, flash it, and open a serial monitor with our target device.

Using Dev Containers in the Templates

Both template repositories have a prompt for Dev Containers support, see details in Dev Containers section of the template README.

Dev Containers use the idf-rust container image, which was explained in the Using Container section of the Setting up a Development Environment chapter. This image provides an environment ready to develop Rust applications for Espressif chips with no installation required. Dev Containers also have integration with Wokwi simulator, to simulate the project, and allow flashing from the container using web-flash.